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Why Umetaworld is Your New Social Media Solution

We talk about the metaverse a lot these days. We debate what it will mean for the future of the world and how it should be approached. Every few years, the tech world has a few things that capture its attention and these days, it is the metaverse.

But if you’ve stayed on top of its developments, you’ll notice that a lot of the metaverse is geared towards gaming. GameFi is one of the hottest digital trends these days and a reason for this is its connection to the metaverse.

Picture it; playing hyper-realistic games with friends and winning tangible rewards while doing so. This might sound great but what about those of us who don’t want to conquer digital game landscapes? What about those of us who just want to hang out with friends and chill?

Well, this is where Umetaworld comes in.

What is Umetaworld?

Umetaworld is the world’s first metaverse social media platform. Its whole purpose is to offer a place where people can just be social; no high stakes, just people meeting other people and having a good time. Its goal is to foster positivity and fun within the metaverse and all its features are designed to provide this.

When you are setting up your avatar, you have to take a selfie with your face and this is superimposed into a high-definition digital rendering of you. With this avatar, you can interact with others, chatting as you would in real life.

All the Umetaworld users will congregate around a landscape which will host all sorts of events. The first map that has been made available in Umetaworld is the main square of San Francisco: Union Square, with plans to create more based on other cities. These will include concerts, trade fairs, and much more. You can hang out with friends and enjoy experiences as you would in the real world.

If you’re looking for something a bit more intimate, you can set up a private room for just yourselves and your friends. Each private room can be customized to your taste and style. Umetaworld will also play host to many public figures and celebrities who will do live sessions and AMAs.

These sorts of fan interactions have proven to be quite popular on sites like Twitter and Reddit. Now, they are taken to a whole new level because you will be able to see and interact with them as a realistic avatar and not only as a name on a screen. NFTs are also not left behind in this world as users can also buy them very easily. By purchasing NFTs for their avatars, users can also get the real product delivered to their homes.

The new image for Umetaworld was unveiled on July 1, 2022, and soon the metaverse is fully open and downloadable. It is worth noting that this will not be the final version but more updates will be coming over time.

The founder of Umetaworld and DTSocialize, Daniele Marinelli, is driven by his disruptive belief that users of tech platforms should be free to decide how to use, share and benefit from their data.

In addition, Daniele Marinelli and Umetaworld have taken part in many industry events such as CryptoWorldCon in Miami or Metaverse Summit in Paris.

The Importance of Being Social

So many of us focus on the commercial aspect of the metaverse that we lose sight of what it is supposed to foster; human connections. The COVID-19 pandemic showed how lost our lives would be without these connections and as the metaverse becomes a part of our lives, we must keep this in mind.

This is where Umetaworld is so needed; creating a space where people can simply enjoy the metaverse and connect with others, creating positivity in the digital world.

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