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Deflation Tells

What Deflation Tells Us About The Real Estate Market

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Sam Callahan: In terms of the deflation right now, real estate just uses a pseudo-store of value because the money’s broken. As Bitcoin comes into view with the deflationary nature, if you study “When Money Dies” and when they’re all denominated in dollars, all these houses, all these mortgages should just see price deflation across the board as anything denominated in dollars just gets wiped out in value.

Anybody who holds Bitcoin, Everything’s gonna get cheaper for them. I think that goes for houses, but it goes for land too. And then in terms of the land, Bitcoin is a technology, but it’s only one technology and it’s gonna mix with a confluence of game-changing technologies.

It’s gonna be AI, machine learning, 3D printing, Bitcoin, all combining together to bring us forward with innovation in agriculture and all kinds of things like that. That’s what I think about in terms of, you better just not be denominating everything in dollars, including your mortgage. In Weimar Germany or any of these hyperinflationary events, the people that stored their wealth in real estate, it just got wiped out. It just got completely wiped out because it was denominated in a currency that was failing. That’s how I think it’s gonna play out. That’s why trying to make this bridge between Bitcoin now to try to prevent that from happening to a lot of good people is why I think we do what we do in terms of education.

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