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Venly: First to Connect Metaverse Platforms with the MetaRing

Venly (previously Arkane Network) has become a digital pioneer in creating the MetaRing. An NFT cross metaverse access pass, allows the holder to gain exclusive content and perks from multiple metaverses.

One Ring To Control It All

The MetaRing is the first of its kind. The NFT, on Polygon, gives its owners access to privileged rare content from collaborators exclusively partnered with Venly. Each ring is a unique NFT allowing for a very personable experience in the metaverse.

The owners are able to use this digital wearable to unlock special in-game utilities and revel in their unique benefits, including access to exclusive lands, events, discounts, and drops.

Venly foresees the future of the web as involving massively scaled, interactive, and interoperable platforms of interconnected virtual worlds.

In other words, they believe that the next step is that all metaverses will be connected and cross-platformed.

As of right now, most virtual experiences being built are private or restrictive. The MetaRing puts its owners smack dab in the middle of the complete metaverse ecosystem, granting access to any or all of the experiences seamlessly.

Remember there isn’t just one metaverse, there are many different platforms and in the future, they will also be interconnected. Venly is at the forefront of that metaverse ecosystem and the MetaRing is the key.

The MetaRing will allow the user to participate in events and games, invest in digital assets, digital real estate, and have early access to future NFT drops. Think of it as the metaverse’s country club, where members get privileged perks and rewards.

Joining a Growing Network

For $1,000 USDT, owners of the MetaRing are able to leverage the growing network of partners that Venly collaborates with. Given the price of most NFTs, this is a great way to save on future content that could otherwise break the bank.

There will ONLY be 1,000 Origin pieces of the MetaRing with other drops in the future and of those, there will never be more than 1000 MetaRing Origin’s as the supply of every edition is capped.

100 are going to be reserved for the Venly team and future partners.

50 will be put aside via whitelisting in a proof of contribution program.

The sale of the rest, 850 NFTs, will be on the Venly Marketplace on a first come first served basis to the users that joined the Venly Discord.

They have provided a guide on how to prepare the Venly Marketplace wallet with funds for the sale and how to get the MetaRing.

Owning a MetaRing gives you access to:

  • Metaverse exclusive content
  • In-game utility
  • Exclusive drops
  • Mint priority, whitelistings
  • Special NFTs
  • Perks and discounts
  • MetaRing discord community
  • Market insights

How to Join:

  • Join Venly’s Discord
  • Download the Venly wallet or visit Venly Market to create an account
  • Login at the Venly Market.
  • Add USDC on Ethereum to your Marketplace balance.

Please note that adding funds to your Venly wallet is not the same as adding funds to your Marketplace Balance. These are done entirely separately.

Buy the Venly MetaRing NFT via the link posted on Venly’s Discord news channel

They will announce the link to the initial sale on Venly’s Discord on March 3rd, 2022 at 2:00 pm UTC on the Venly Market.

Once it is in your inventory you can also sell it on the market, when you choose.

Venly could be a blockchain technology provider allowing its users to store their wallets on their mobile devices. It has recently launched the Venly Market which is the first-ever peer-to-peer and blockchain agnostic NFT marketplace.

“MetaRing is one of the few projects on the market that brings all metaverses together, offering ultimate interoperability,” says Stefan Colins, the Metaverse Partnerships Director at Venly, “By marrying interoperability with diverse layers of utility, we give more value to the NFT owners. We have a team at Venly that will be focused on striking deals with new metaverses and emerging players, meaning that the MetaRing benefits and value will only scale over the years to come.”

Partnerships That Matter

Building partnerships that add real value and utility to MetaRing is very important to Venly. Its initial set of partners are names that are well known in their respective fields. They have committed to offering the ring owner exclusive benefits.

MetaRing partners consist of:

  • The Sandbox
  • Vulcan Forged
  • House of Kibaa
  • Polygon
  • 1st11
  • MaisonDao
  • Coorest
  • V3
  • TGC.World
  • Givetree
  • Alphaverse
  • Trade Race Manager
  • Redkite
  • Dragonlabz
  • Carbonbase
  • Purple Penguin
  • Aavegotchi

“Interoperability is the next frontier of the entire blockchain industry, and the metaverse is a platform enabled by users,” says Sandeep Nailwal, the Co-Founder of Polygon, “Venly’s MetaRing steps into the market with a unique value proposition: connecting users with the best projects of the web3 space.”

Each partner has its own set of perks that will come with the purchase of the MetaRing. You can check out what each individual partner has to offer by clicking here!

Going Green

Venly cares deeply about the planet and how they affect it. To them, sustainability is not just a marketing ploy, but it’s a core value. The environment is important, and that is what is happening here!

As more and more companies become aware of this dilemma, they aim to set a new standard for how organizations come together. They have partnered with Coorest to plant a real tree for every MetaRing sold.

By doing this, they contribute to being environmentally friendly while simultaneously also working towards becoming carbon neutral and possibly even negative.

While the metaverse is in its infancy Venly offers a way to be way ahead of the curve with the MetaRing. By merging infrastructures and offering rewards that are incomparable, at this stage of the metaverse’s development.

It allows the owner to gain an advantage over others, leading to potentially more benefits down the road.

Just imagine having the power to gain a full access pass to exclusive drops, locations, events, games, and items. It’s like being part of a private club on multiple metaverse platforms.

Having exclusive content that is unique to your personal MetaRing. Nothing has ever come before giving you the edge to be on top of the metaverse experience.

The Great Ideas Are Here!

It’s no secret that the Metaverse is still in the early stages of its development and is a rapidly evolving platform.

Venly has created the MetaRing in an effort to give its members an advantage over others who are accessing the Metaverse.

It has put together a team to ensure that the MetaRing remains at the forefront of this universe and stays scalable and current with benefits. The platform aims to continually onboard new partners and provide a growing list of benefits to the owners.

This in turn will give owners of the MetaRing a growing advantage as the Metaverse expands without having to pay extra.

Additionally, by being interconnected across multiple platforms and games it gives the owner unparalleled access in multiple arenas allowing for the potential for them to make great advances.

Between the scalability of the ring itself, a growing list of benefits to the owner, and the eco-friendly stance of Venly, the list of reasons to reserve your MetaRing today are outstanding.

To learn more, please click right here!

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