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Revitalising Vault

Vault Coin: Revitalising the Metaverse

Did you know that the metaverse market was worth $478.7 billion in 2020 and is expected double in the next four years? By 2024, virtual space will be worth $800 billion. This development shows that the world is transcending into digitalisation as there has been a massive surge in NFTs and metaverse adoption worldwide.

NFTs were established in 2014. However, it recorded a massive increase in adoption between 2018 and 2020. In 2021, NFT sales hit over $41 billion, according to Chainalysis. In addition, the active wallets dealing with NFTs also increased from 545,000 in 2020 to 28 million in 2021.

So what is driving the adoption of NFTs and Metaverse?

While the traditional world system is filled with barriers, NFTs and the metaverse create an opportunity for you to interact in an active community without a central authority. Top influencers and artists also use NFTs to push their work to more worldwide audiences. Additionally, leading industries like games, music, health, media, and sports are integrating these digital assets to improve operations and increase user adoption.

How Vault Coin Could Be the Future of the Metaverse

Vault Coin is an NFT staking platform based on the Bitgert network that allows NFT owners to stake their NFTs and earn staking rewards. Furthermore, users can trade the staked NFT asset in the Vault marketplace.

The blockchain platform also has its local token, $VCT, focusing on energy efficiency, cheaper fees, and faster transactions. Therefore, participants can use $VCT to trade NFTs on the marketplace. Other use cases of $VCT include NFT staking, where you can earn rewards.

Vault Coin aims to take advantage of the immense potential of NFT assets by creating a project that would be accessible, affordable and decentralised. Furthermore, with the future predictions of the virtual space, the platform plans to integrate more NFTs enthusiasts making up the majority of Gen Z.

Additionally, Vault Coin plans to launch its token on a DEX on the Bitgert network. Aside from its partners, which include Tokyo Coin, Briseman, Aibra, CQ Network, and Lunagems, a company was incorporated to provide venture capital funding for the blockchain protocol to achieve its goals.

More Development for the Future

Vault Coin plans to develop products that crypto enthusiasts can adopt and deliver the highest quality platform on the market, marking a new era for NFTs and blockchain.

The Vault coin ecosystem will also be venturing into creating a metaverse where people can work, play and meet. Future products, including the NFT marketplace, NFT staking platform and NFT launchpad, will launch between July and September 2022.

The ecosystem will not only be designed for the current or future demand. However, it will lead the way for the mass adoption of NFTs on the metaverse.

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