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Valuart: NFTs for Art Just Got a Lot Easier

Valuart is a revolutionary ecosystem created by artists for artists and institutions, with the goal of protecting and enhancing their vision and collection. Artists, artworks, and creativity can all thrive with this platform.

The site,, is an exclusive space for collecting and purchasing Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) created by notable artists. Starting on July 22nd, visitors will have access to monthly auctions of NFT masterpieces.

The Valuart project is designed to fulfill the whole process of art commercialization.

This process starts by curating select artworks, and then digitizing the art through NFT technology. Valuart also implements a social media outreach program, and finally sells the art through its auction platform.

The Valuart platform allows high-end artistic crossovers that become part of the art’s story, enhancing the final overall value to both the creating artist and the buyer.

Entering the NFT Market With Valuart

Acquiring art through the Valuart platform may be suitable for conservative investors seeking security with the physical artpiece and adding value with the NFT component.

Top auction houses, like Sothebys or Christie’s, are far better than traditional galleries at building anticipation and demand for a specific piece of art, and likely driving up the price.

Yet these powerful auction outlets don’t count with the expertise and infrastructure to make high-quality art digitalization: the ability to securely establish NFTs for each object.

While these top auction houses may develop this ability in the future, the initial investment as well as recurring costs are large.

To these companies it is more convenient to partner with a digitization/NFT expert in the short term; if said partnership is balanced and beneficial, it may also make sense in the long term.

Filling this void in the art market was the driving force the creators felt to develop and launch the Valuart platform in March 2021.

Valuart is firmly positioning themselves as the primary art digitization/NFT provider by building a backlog of collaborations and contracts with artists, as well as proactively partnering with foundations and collectors.

Some of the most important Valuart features are:

  • the ability to tokenize the certificate of authenticity on the blockchain of a specific physical piece of art
  • the ability to conceive a new ‘digital original’ from a physical piece
  • the ability to add value in collaboration with the artist by allowing artistic crossovers or peers collaborations to generate “Licensed NFTs” or “Enhanced NFTs” to revalue the context of the piece
  • the ability to perform social media outreach through a full PR campaign for each artwork, to generate hype and pull attraction to the upcoming auction
  • the ability to host the auction on its proprietary online platform

The Current NFT Art Market is Booming

By December 2020, for various reasons (pandemic related closures of traditional galleries helped much) the NFT art sales reached an all time high, and since then it just kept growing.

NFT art has become a desirable asset for investment firms, private investors and art collectors.

The NFT concept is relatively new to the investment market therefore the risk is still uncertain in the long term, yet it has made a major impact on the markets in a short time.

Valuart has created a solid platform that works for both artists, and many kinds of art buyers. Its team is dedicated to creating value, and making NFT sales as efficient as possible for everyone in the NFT ecosystem.

Valuart’s Team

The team at Valuart shares a love for art, design, and music, and they are all committed to helping safeguard artists and their work, in addition to developing a unique value-added product for the art collection market.

The threesome of entrepreneurs responsible of the Valuart project are Etan Genini ( Co-Founder / CEO / Marketing), Vittorio Grigòlo (Co-Founder / Art Collector, and world famous tenor) and Michele Fiscalini (Crypto Investor / Art Collector).

This wonderful combination of personal backgrounds in art, finance and marketing brings novelty into the classic art market.

The Valuart team has been developing a variety of media platforms like a podcast and a blog, in addition to the Valuart primary platform to empower the Valuart project with multidisciplinary media efforts.

In the meantime, the Valuart team managed to obtain partnerships with artists, collections, and foundations to revalidate the platform’s value proposition.

For example, this upcoming auction on July 22 will feature two key artworks capable of attracting much attention: The Giubilar Mantle worn by Papa Giovanni Paolo II in 1999 and Spike by Banksy.

Spike by Banksy!

Based on a masterpiece created as part of the artist’s 2005 treasure hunt in Palestine, Valuart conceived a unique digital original of Banksy’s piece utilizing CGI technology.

This new version shows Spike drifting around the universe before being returned to its rightful spot on Earth as a newly minted non-fungible token.

The NFT version also includes the voice of the renowned tenor Vittorio Grigòlo as the piece’s soundtrack.

“I’m thrilled to participate in this project and use my voice to create a magical atmosphere for the rebirth of this extraordinary piece of art I discovered more than a decade ago,” said Vittorio Grigòlo. “I cannot wait to share this amazing creation with the public.”

Valuart decided to donate 50% of the revenues deriving from the auction of the ‘Spike’ NFT drop.

Valuart plans to reimagine some of the most iconic artworks ever made, giving a classic medium new life and allowing today’s collectors to own a piece of art creation history.

For this, the company has enlisted the help of well-known artists, institutions, and celebrities

The Valuart Business Model

In a business-to-business scenario, the platform is a fully integrated solution for artists, collectors, and foundations.

Valuart provides value to artists by enhancing their art with NFT and digitization, creating a licensed NFT with unique characteristics (for example Banksy’s piece with CGI animation and vocal soundtrack) which in turn generates alternative streams of revenue.

The platform also assumes the task of generating public attraction by reaching out to art collectors, NFTs collectors and crypto investors through a variety of PR efforts in social media.

Lastly but meaningfully, Valuart hosts the auction on its proprietary ethereum-based platform.

Overall, Valuart is the marketplace for art collectors, NFT collectors, and crypto investors to access unique NFT art of high value and fully validated.

The Valuart platform generates a “Digital Original” version of the artwork (a perfect 1:1 digital clone) in a specific setting with extra artistic value (the “Licensed NFT”).

The platform runs on Ethereum blockchain and utilizes ETH as the native currency for transactions.

With the intention of assisting artists in appreciating the true worth of their work, Valuart connects art collectors with creators, opening up new revenue streams through the use of NFTs.

More to Come from Valuart

Valuart is bringing the art world into the twenty-first century by tokenizing classic pieces of art. The design of the platform is wonderful, and the ideas behind its process are solid.

To learn more about this unique blockchain project with an enormous potential in the global art market, please visit the auction site by clicking right here.

If you want to keep up to date with the company, and watch it launch its full platform for the public, you can use Twitter!

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