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The Ultimate Guide To Selling Your Crypto Domain: 7 Easy Steps

Looking to sell your crypto domain? You’re in the right place. In this guide, we’ll cover how you can sell your crypto domain and many of the frequently asked questions that come with selling.

If you’re new to the whole blockchain domain idea, here’s a quick refresher– as long as your crypto domain is an ERC-721 standard token, it can be traded and sold like any token.

For this particular guide, we’ll be using the popular NFT marketplace OpenSea to sell the domain. However, crypto domains can also be sold on Angoname and Rarible

Most crypto domains are currently purchased on Unstoppable Domains or Ethereum Name Service (ENS). However, this process should be the same for any domain bought on an alternative crypto domain purchasing site once connected to Opensea. 

It’s time to sell your theoretical crypto domain, or at least learn how. We’ll cover every step needed to sell, and by the end of this guide, you’d have sold your crypto domain, and your payment will be on the way. 

How To Sell Your Crypto Domain On OpenSea

Let’s get started. 

  1. Start by claiming your domain with MetaMask and connecting it to OpenSea. Head to OpenSea and click on the wallet symbol in the top right corner. 

2. Connect your wallet and sign in to your account. If you haven’t already made one, you can do so by entering your email and a password. 

3. Make sure your wallet is connected to your account. Click on “Profile” to view your collected NFTs. Your crypto domain will appear here. 

4. Click on the domain you want to sell and click the “Sell” icon. 

5. Choose the fixed price you want to sell your domain for, or sell to the highest bidder with a timed auction. For timed auctions, you need to choose how long the auction will go on. 

6. Click “Complete Listing” and your domain will now be available on OpenSea. 

7. Now you need to wait for your auction to time out or for an individual to pay the price you’re selling your domain for. 

If you’re selling for the first time on OpenSea, you’ll be required to pay two transaction gas fees to set up your account. For each sale, you’ll also have to pay a gas fee to accept offers. This fee will differ for each transaction. 

Alternatively, if you want to sell direct, you can “reserve” the domain to be purchased by a specific buyer directly, and OpenSea acts as a sort of private marketplace and escrow account. 

If you have any additional questions about selling your domain, we’ve covered the topic in greater detail below. 

Selling Crypto Domains: Frequently Asked Questions

What cryptocurrency can I sell my domain for?

You can sell your crypto domain for Ethereum (ETH). As of June 2022, OpenSea is currently selling SOL NFTs; however, they don’t sell SOL domains on the site. 

Can I sell a crypto domain from my hardware wallet?

Yes. Hardware wallets such as Ledger and Trezor can be used to manage crypto domains when connected with MetaMask. 

To sell your domain, connect your Trezor wallet with MetaMask. Once connected, you can use MetaMask to manage your crypto domains, including selling them on OpenSea. 

How can I avoid being scammed when selling my crypto domain? 

To avoid being scammed, always sell your domain through a trusted third party such as OpenSea. Make sure you’re visiting the correct site– not OponSea, not OpenSee, not 

You increase your risk of being scammed by selling directly to other individuals without a third party.

Can I get a refund for my crypto domain?

This will depend on the registrar you used to buy the domain. If you’ve purchased your domain on StoppableDomains and haven’t minted it, you can refund your domain within 14 days of purchase. This can be refunded as store credit or back to the original payment method. 

Are there any fees for selling my domain on OpenSea?

As a first-time seller on OpenSea, you’ll be required to pay two transaction gas fees to set up your account. The first is an account initialization fee account which will vary based on Ethereum network congestion.

The second fee is a one-time approval fee that authorizes transactions between a contract and your wallet.

You will also have to pay the gas fee when accepting offers which will range depending on the gas fees at the time of the transaction. 

How does a crypto domain differ from a normal one?

The main difference between a crypto domain from a traditional domain is that the user owns their domain. Traditionally, people would rent domains from registrars who would have the power to remove and control your domain. 

 Our guide on crypto domains is a great place to get you current on the basics.

What is the difference between a crypto domain and an NFT domain? 

Nothing! Despite crypto enthusiasts using slang to describe them, the two terms are interchangeable. 

Why should I sell my crypto domain?

There are many reasons why you may want to sell your crypto domain. These include wanting to make a profit or not actually using it. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. 

What are the benefits of a crypto domain?

There are several benefits to a crypto domain. The most popular benefits are that you get full control and ownership of your domain and can limit censorship and seizures from third parties such as domain registrars.

I didn’t buy my domain on Unstoppable Domains. Can I still sell on OpenSea?

As long as your domain is held in a MetaMask wallet, you can sell your crypto domain on OpenSea. OpenSea also accepts Coinbase Wallet, Ledger, InfinityWallet, and several other options. 

Can I buy a crypto domain on OpenSea?

Yes. If your domain has already been registered, there’s a chance it may be for sale on OpenSea. Search for Unstoppable Domains and then search for the name in the second search bar. You can then place a bid or buy it instantly. 

Final Thoughts: Congrats, You Sold Your Crypto Domain

You did it, you early-wave tech adopter, you! 

Remember that your transaction will always be embedded in the blockchain, so you will always be able to prove that you once upon a time owned said crypto domain. We’re not sure how many cool points this is worth in real life, but we’d say maybe ten? Twenty? Really depends on inflation these days. 

But what about all the other wonderful developments in the decentralized domain ownership world?

How about buying a new crypto domain? 

Or maybe you just want to learn about who owns crypto domainsWe’ve got you covered. 

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