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Taki: A Web3 Social Network Enabling Daily Income for It’s Users

Taki is a new social media platform that puts the power back in the hands of the people. It uses a crypto wallet to empower users as creators, and offers everyone on the platform the ability to interact and earn.

Let’s take a look at all the features of this innovative platform, and how it plans to change the way that social media works globally.

What is the Taki App?

The purpose of the Taki app is to create a better community by rewarding users with a stake in the network itself, Taki is a Solana-based platform that operates as an engage-to-earn social network where user engagement and quality content are directly rewarded.

While traditional social networks have become stagnant and exploitative such as bombarding users with advertisements or preventing free movement, the new tools, and paradigms of web3 offer an opportunity to create a better system.

As a result, engage-to-earn rewards for user contributions are a way to deepen creator-audience relationships and create new engagement vectors.

By participating within the Taki community, users can earn their basic social crypto token, called $TAKI, by creating content such as writing posts or commenting.

The Taki App

Users then can use $TAKI to buy User Coins, which represent the value and influence creators bring to the platform. In addition, users can actively scout and support promising creators by using $TAKI and User Coins to reward others.

In order to access the platform, you need to ask a friend who already had access to an invite or join its waitlist to get access.

To date, the platform can be accessed on the Web and Mobile Web.

It’s available in almost every country except for the United States, Belarus, Burma, Cote D’Ivoire (Ivory Coast), Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, and Syria, Ukraine, Venezuela, Zimbabwe, China, and Russia.

Taki Wallet and Token

The Taki Wallet is where users can view their $TAKI and User Coin Holdings on the platform. Besides, users currently can buy and sell User Coins from their wallet.

The Taki Wallet also supports users to check the real-time $ value of their own coin. The social platform is planning a launch of deposit and withdrawal features, therefore, users also will be able to deposit or withdraw $TAKI directly to their Solana Wallet in the future.

As mentioned, $TAKI is the native token on the App that can also be taken off-app into the Solana ecosystem. It is used as engage-to-earn rewards to users as well as can be spent to send Gold Taki, the way to tip on the Taki platform, and buy User Coins.

Each Gold Taki tip will send 0.2 $TAKI from the tipper to the recipient. In addition to being listed and available on OKx and, you can also buy it on other centralized exchanges.

Taki User Coins

The Taki User Coins feature is a new vector of engagement to encourage creators. As such, users can create and trade User Coins which represent the influence and contribution a user makes to the Taki community. There are no limits for buying other fellow users’ coins on Taki.

Users earn rewards for participating

Within the Taki platform, User Coins will be traded for $TAKI. The price of User Coins also will rise as more are purchased, and vice-versa. By holding User Coins, you are also granted a cut of all Gold Taki that the user receives.

How Do Users Earn Rewards With Taki?

In order to earn Taki tokens, you first must be a part of the platform community. Since then, you can earn $TAKI by creating a post and engaging with other users’ posts. As a user, you not only can engage in daily rewards on the platform but also invite your friends to Taki for earning Taki tokens.

As said, if no one invites you, you can also join the Taki waitlist and get access via this route However, it will take time for your application to be approved.

After verifying your email, you can invite more friends to join the Taki Waitlist using your custom link in order to bump up your queue position on the waitlist. In order to obtain your custom waitlist link, you need to enter your verified email again to display the link.

In order to invite friends, you can head to the Wallet section and find the Invite banner there. Aiming to build its community, Taki rewards every user for inviting new users to Taki. Therefore, you can receive up to 5 Taki for each successful invite onto the Taki platform.

Taki user statistics

A successful invite is an invite where your friends receiving the invite have signed up and verified their account. On the other hand, you can directly head to find the invite links. In that, every user on Taki will get up to 5 invite links.

Once you are a Taki user, you will be able to unlock more aki rewards by completing the reward tasks on the platform.

Daily Tasks are the primary engage-to-earn reward in Taki that users need to complete to get rewards with $TAKI.

Currently, the Daily Tasks available on the Taki platform for users include:

  • creating a new post on the platform
  • commenting on other fellow users’ posts at least 3 times
  • gifting other fellow users a Gold Taki
  • receiving 3 or more Gold Taki from other fellow users on your Taki posts
  • supporting fellow users by buying their coins

Taki’s team aimed to create a more complete social network, shifting the focus from mere social curiosity to a value graph.

The platform gives users governance over their own platform, through a decentralized environment. It also unleashes the potential of blockchain ecosystem technology.

It is all happening at Taki – the new social media platform that empowers people.

Taki makes low friction value transfer of free flowing tokens happen and a lot more. The platform is enabled by the tools and paradigm of blockchain technology and Web3.

Opening a total range of engage-to-earn possibilities to us, the more active users. Taking the whole game to the next level. A new relationship between the creators and the audience, and new engagement vectors is all on offer.

Unnecessary content censorship, data scams, and unexpected algorithm changes will soon be a thing of the past.

This new trend will very soon catch fire, and Taki is working to take the pole position.

Users may never go back to sharing value without profiting from it. While the platform is still being tested, it works well, and will open up to more people in the near future.

SocialFi can and will revolutionize trading in general. Musicians, celebrities, influencers, teachers of all colors and kinds, can advertise their brand values, and create their own communities of followers, using their very own creativity.

Any kind of course creator can incentivize users with social tokens every time they bring or refer someone to his/her program. In return, they can use these tokens to gain access to exclusive mentorship sessions, or special masterclasses.

We are talking about no intermediaries and no upfront costs. This new model Totally in line with the new Web3 business model – where users own their data.

Twitter, Meta (Facebook), and Reddit are already well aware of the potential of SocialFi. Their developers are working this minute on including cryptocurrency on their platforms.

Taki has it working right now, and the platform looks and works well. With Solana’s backing, Taki is well placed to grow into the Web3 social space. To learn more about Taki – just click here!

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