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launches ​​Smartlink

​​Smartlink Launches First Tezos NFT Launchpad

Artists, projects and gaming studios, will find a reliable and cleaner platform on the Smartlink NFT Launchpad. The first launchpad running on Tezos.

Looking for exclusive, curated and rare NFTs? Now you can make it happen on Tezos.

Since non-fungible tokens stormed in, generating unthinkable benefits, and yielding exponential growth to common users in 2021, the expectations of a next revolution were kept high.

Smartlink is Here

The industry is now ready to take on to the next level. Smartlink NFT Launchpad, will give creators a site to connect with the right community, with a wide range of suitable tools.

Only the best NFTs, with an array of exciting features like auctions, blind minting and many more. Artists, sellers and buyers can choose to list NFTs through open auctions, or through blind auctions as well.

???? #Smartlink is excited to launch the First NFT Launchpad on #Tezos! ????#SMURKS will be the first NFT to launch using Blind-Minting! ???? Date TBA

????Projects may submit their applications now!

????#Vortex Launchpad: #Launchpad

— Smartlink ???? (@smartlinkHQ) February 7, 2022

In the open auction, every user is aware of every other bids, as in the blind auction choice, bidders stay completely unaware of the other bids, adding a little intensity to the game.

The NFT´s auction procedure is as follows;

  • The NFT owner starts the auction with the desired settings
  • Bidders are able to place their bids during the pre-determined auction period
  • Once the bidding period expires, the highest bidder gets the ownership of the desired NFT
  • Funds are yielded from the new owner to the former owner, minus the Smartlink NFT Launchpad fee, and the royalties that the NFT issuer receives
  • All the remaining non-winning bids are refunded

Smartlink NFT Launchpad will provide a personalized page with customized layouts, for every artist that uses the platform for open, and for blinded auctions. This page will display much data, like bid history, average bid amount, bid history, and NFT statistics, such as likes and views.

Blind Minting

The whole NFT acquisition process becomes more intriguing with this revolutionary feature.

Most of the generative art units have different levels of rarities, defined by special characteristics, the extra accessories, and its utility. Blind minting makes sure that every minter, original NFT buyer, has the same right to purchase the most rare ones, leveling the chances.

Blind minting means that the bidder can´t see what will become their property, or what exactly will be minted.

All users pay the same entry price, but then the biddings run on unknown NFTs, all with different rarity levels. The NFT is revealed after the end of the overall collection sales, or after the minting process.

First Launch on Smartlink NFT Launchpad: SMURKS

SMURKS is introduced, as part of the first NFT drop for the Smarlink community. It´ll be the first NFTs to be released on the NFT launchpad.

Some upcoming NFT and Metaverse projects, have already partnered with Smartlink, to release their NFT on its Launchpad. These projects will be revealed as they move closer to the launch.

Smartlink NFT Launchpad is scheduled for release in Q1 2022

More About Smartlink

Smartlink headquarters located in Toronto Canada, is a boisterous environment, where over 35 developers whirr 24/7, critical platforms components every day.

The project, a suite of decentralized applications, benefits from the Tezos blockchain, to create a greener and cleaner platform for NFT businesses.

The different platforms include a crypto-friendly marketplace for goods and services, a decentralized exchange, and most of all, a cutting-edge escrow smart contract protocol, to surpass the traditional escrow services.

The Tezos blockchain provides a higher transaction throughput, negligible network congestion, and higher security standards.

To eliminate frequent smart contract security leaks, Smartlink uses the formal verification of the Tezos network. Smartlink Roadmap is still in progress, and it pledges a schedule for the development of modules of the Smartlink ecosystem.

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