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Affyn’s Singapore-based

Singapore-based Affyn’s Native Token, $FYN, Officially Listed on Bitmart

The Singapore-based P2E company, Affyn, has recently announced on Twitter that its native token, $FYN, will be listed on Bitmart Exchange on March 30 at approximately 14:00 UTC.

Available in 180+ countries, the Cayman Islands-based Bitmart is one of the leading cryptocurrency exchanges globally. Statistically speaking, at the time of writing, its 24-hour trading volume was over $2.1 billion, making it the 34th largest cryptocurrency exchange by trading volume.

Commenting on sustainable gaming, Affyn’s Founder & CEO, Lucas Lee, said, “We have received immense support and love from the community. Our sustainable gaming economy is designed to enable users to tap into numerous, valuable revenue streams.

At the same time, our community will be able to use the $FYN token in the real world.” Lucas further adds, “We’re looking forward to the upcoming Bitmart listing given it empowers us to reach users across more than 180 countries, contributing further towards our mass adoption efforts alongside real-world use of digital assets.”

All You Should Know About Affyn

Affyn offers blockchain-powered metaverse projects, which include immersive Free-to-Play, Play-to-Earn games. Incorporating geolocation has resulted in the game’s convergence of both the real and virtual worlds. Its USP is that its in-game characters, known as the “Buddies,” are reusable. It means you can use it across different metaverses and games, which separates Affyn from other metaverse gaming projects.

$FYN is the native token of Affyn and what helps $FYN stand out from the rest of the tokens in the market is its dual-utility. A user holding $FYN can use them in the virtual and real worlds.

For instance, they can pay for NFTs and virtual lands through their $FYN tokens and real-world products and services. Besides, it is also effortless to exchange $FYN tokens into a fiat currency, making $FYN even better than the native tokens of other P2E metaverse-based games.

It has already become one of the most trending tokens by surpassing the likes of Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH), the becoming fourth-most visited and third-most searched token in the process, despite debuting only in February.

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