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River Financial Launches Zero-Fee Recurring Bitcoin Purchases

  • River Financial has removed fees associated with recurring purchases of bitcoin on its platform.
  • The deduction is valid starting one week after the initial recurring purchase is set by the customer.
  • River currently offers bitcoin management services through its website and iOS app, as well as white-glove services for bitcoin mining.

River Financial, a Bitcoin-only technology and financial services company, has launched zero-fee recurring bitcoin purchase orders, according to a press release sent to Bitcoin Magazine.

“With zero-fee recurring orders, River’s clients can take advantage of low bitcoin prices and accumulate more bitcoin than ever before,” per the release.

Customers of the firm will be relieved of paying fees when dollar-cost averaging (DCA) starting one week after the initial recurring order is placed.

“The best time to start buying bitcoin was when you first heard about it. The second best time is now,” said Alex Leishman, River CEO, per the release.

The fintech provider is a strong proponent of DCA, the process of consistently accumulating an asset over time without regards to the price at the time of purchase. The idea of this strategy hinges on the fact that timing the market is difficult, but if an investor sets up recurring purchases, they are likely to average out to a good position over a long period of time by lessening exposure to price volatility.

“River is the most trusted brand in Bitcoin,” said Leishman. “We believe in security, transparency, and service. Our goal is to help our clients build long-term wealth through Bitcoin.”

The Bitcoin services provider enables users to buy and custody BTC through intuitive services on its website and iOS mobile app. River also offers white-glove services in the bitcoin mining industry, allowing customers to acquire a mining fleet in a rented data center that is integrated to their River Financial platform.

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