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Qmall Partners With Oleksandr Usyk to Promote Cryptocurrency Integration in Ukraine

Cryptocurrency is rapidly growing across Europe and the world, and the numbers of users continue to increase even as the mainstream adoption of digital assets increases.

Ukraine is one of the latest European countries to tap into infinite cryptocurrency and blockchain technology opportunities. Even though Ukraine had already begun to embrace cryptocurrency before its war with Russian addition, the invasion further made cryptocurrency one of the most viable assets in Ukraine. Since the beginning of the war, the government has received more than $100 million in cryptocurrency donations.

Despite the success of cryptocurrency in assisting the Ukrainian war effort, the road has not always been smooth.

The deputy minister for digital transformation wanted to issue Ukraine’s own cryptocurrency as a symbolic gesture for Kyiv’s cause early in the conflict, but the project was eventually canceled.

QMALL Crypto Exchange Partners With Ukrainian Boxing Champion Oleksandr Usyk

Ukraine-based cryptocurrency exchange QMALL has partnered with the Ukrainian heavyweight boxing champion Oleksandr Usyk to drive the adoption and integration of blockchain technology in the country’s financial sector.

The QMALL exchange creators and boxer Oleksandr Usyk share a common goal: to bring the Ukrainian market to the international stage. QMALL and Oleksandr Usyk’s joint efforts and support for Ukraine will demonstrate the unification of the two leading brands to viewers worldwide.

This partnership is significant as QMALL seeks to expand into the European market, as they had obtained the necessary license and permits to penetrate deeper into the European market and enable users to trade Euro (EUR) against top cryptocurrencies.

The French Sophia Antipolis Partnership

QMALL has also collaborated with the French Sophia Antipolis (IT Valley, the second largest after Silicon Valley). The collaboration aims to build Europe’s largest investment platform (Launchpad).

As a result, QMALL will have the largest platform for launching new cryptocurrency projects in the EU. As a result, hundreds of thousands of current users and all new EU participants will benefit from a powerful tool for investing in digital assets.

This will be another opportunity for startup projects to attract investment, secure a strong position in the European market, and gain professional support.

The QMALL team intends to launch approximately 30 projects per year. And the establishment of Europe’s largest launchpad is only the beginning of the countless opportunities now available to QMALL.

QMALL Starts Accepting Launchpad Applications

The QMALL launchpad is now accepting applications from cryptocurrency projects looking to launch on the exchange.

This opportunity will allow new crypto projects to gain popularity quickly, as the ability to launch in a cool crypto community with 100,000 users and attract investment will generate buzz around the project and ensure that it is implemented completely.

This launchpad will also enable QMALL users to purchase project tokens at the outset and receive dozens of Xs and a high percentage profit when the price rises. At the same time, more liquidity is added to QMALL as users are required to use it.

More to Be Expected Soon

Founded by Mykola Udianskyi and Bohdan Prylepa, it has grown rapidly in recent years.

The developers of QMALL have revealed that the community can expect a lot of activities from them this year as they will be releasing the launchpads for new European crypto projects in September. Also, they are lining up the launch of the first Ukrainian CryptoBank which is currently under development, as well as the release of crypto cards. Finally, the QMALL team is also working on one of the biggest projects in the cryptocurrency space, the world’s first meta crypto exchange.

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