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Pera Finance: Decentralized Trading Competition + Yield Farming

The rampant growth of the DeFi space has fuelled increased financial activity. With a wide range of DeFi protocols, attracting participants to perform liquidity mining is quite a challenge. Moreover, the base of any successful DeFi project is massively dependent on its on-chain financial activity measuring its growth dynamics over the course of time. One of the significant aspects that a DeFi protocol must focus on is drawing enough liquidity to suffice the on-going demand.

One of the interesting methods to do so is by introducing innovative yield farming strategies to incentivize users to supply liquidity to the protocol. Lucrative rewards are distributed by various DeFi protocols in quest to attract liquidity for the long term growth of the project. However one of the downsides to the above process is only incentivizing participants who supply liquidity to the protocol. The fact that those generating actual demand are not incentivized, this makes the entire process flawed.

Introducing Pera Finance

Pera Finance is a first-ever multi-layered protocol that offers fully decentralized daily trading competitions with lucrative yield farming opportunities. It adopts an innovative mechanism of driving liquidity by attracting liquidity providers and traders through long-term farming rewards to participate in daily trading competition.

In other words, users can seamlessly participate in these decentralized competitions and explore opportunities in earning huge rewards. It’s easy to use model allows users to participate and earn rewards without much of a hassle. This is the first ever trader-oriented yield farming protocol in the DeFi era primarily focusing on rewarding the creators of actual demand in the ecosystem.

Pera Finance’s stellar team has constantly worked towards curating an innovative platform levelling up the DeFi space to propel mainstream adoption through real-time use cases driving the growth of DeFi applications.

Salient Features of trader-oriented yield farming protocol revolutionizing DeFi

  • Demand & Supply: In a quest to create a sustainable farming experience, Pera Finance incentivizes both the demand and supply side of liquidity creating a strong foundation for Web 2.0
  • Competitive Trade Farming: Pera Finance gamifies on-chain trade farming by introducing daily trading competitions that drives the overall volume and daily transaction activity of $PERA.
  • Robust Architecture: Pera Finance has created a solid financial infrastructure with a wide range of use cases offering sufficient APYs to the participants.
  • Scalability: Pera Finance is scalable and modular in nature wherein it can be integrated in various protocols in different sizes through Pera sorting Algorithm.
  • Multi-Asset Income: Instead of restricting users to single asset income from yield farming, users can now generate multi-asset income on Pera Finance’s platform.

Types of Farming with Pera Finance

 Liquidity Farming: Liquidity providers and traders get an opportunity to earn lucrative daily emission rewards for supplying liquidity as well as creating demand.

  • DeFi Farming: Through $PERA staking, users can easily generate multi-asset yield as Pera Finance explores integration opportunities with other protocols.
  • Trade Farming: PERA stakeholders earn PERA transaction fees through trade farming mechanisms as a strong source of passive income.

Pera Finance’s Widespread Ecosystem

 Pera Holders – Gasless Yields

  1. Pera Traders: On-Chain Trading Competitions
  2. Pera Liquidity Providers: Multi-layered Yields
  3. Pera Stakers: Multi-Asset Yields
  4. Trading Partners: Potential partnerships

Pera Finance Rewarding Mechanisms for participating in Yield Farming

 Pera Finance adopts a versatile and sustainable model of yield farming, thus rewarding users in the best way possible. As a part of its overall reward mechanisms, it distributes the rewards in the following way:

  • Transaction Fees: Adopting a 2% transaction fee structure model for on-chain PERA transactions, it rewards its liquidity providers, traders, holders and stakers.
  • Daily Emission Rewards: Pera Finance emits 70.00 PERA as part of daily reward emissions to traders and liquidity providers for actively engaging with the platform.
  • Trading Partners: Pera Finance will explore opportunities for multi-asset yields by bringing onboard strong ecosystem partnership for the overall growth of the platform.

$PERA Token Details

 Pera Finance successfully conducted its Initial DEX Offering on DAOMaker for its native token $PERA. Users will soon witness the token listing on DEX platform, PancakeSwap and centralized crypto exchange,

  • Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
  • Ticker: $PERA
  • Token Type: Utility Token
  • Total Supply: 45,000,000 tokens
  • Initial Circulating Supply: 8,812,250 tokens

Dynamics of Pera Decentralized Trading Competitions

With the rampant activity in the DeFi space, Pera Finance is one of the first on-chain decentralized trading competition platforms to address the flawed incentivization issue to drive the overall daily volume and yield-farming rewards with a long term perspective. To do so, Pera Finance has adopted a sustainable model upholding the aspects of game theory and economics to maintain increased liquidity in the market. With an attractive reward distribution schedule and highly competitive rewards, Pera Finance is all set to take the decentralized trading competitions by fire. With centralized trading competition driving increased volumes, Pera’s model is striving towards accelerating trade volumes in a decentralized manner. With rewards so high, Pera Finance farming programmes are dare to miss.

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