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OVER Launches OVER Stylist Program: A Way For Creators To Monetize Their Passion

Augmented reality(AR) and Artificial intelligence(AI) in fashion are changing how businesses interact with customers. For example, thanks to this technology, customers can virtually try out products from the comfort of their homes. Additionally, AR can assist customers in understanding what they are purchasing, making it easier to meet customer expectations.

This, in turn, increases post-purchase satisfaction and brand loyalty. In this article, we’ll talk about Augmented Reality in fashion and how it can help brands increase customer engagement and brand loyalty.

Additionally, businesses that use Augmented Reality benefit from increased revenue. Customers’ sense of ownership grows when they have the opportunity to try out products before purchasing them. Customers who believe they already own the product are more likely to buy it.

Consider a fashion retail representative eager for you to try on that new pair of shoes. You are 80% more likely to buy them when you try them on.Companies can also use the AR experience to educate customers and provide more in-depth content beyond the packaging and label. It also provides an excellent opportunity to upsell complimentary products or accessories.

Immersive experiences are also an excellent way to drive customers to physical stores. For example, customers may wish to visit the store to ask questions, inspect products in person, or learn about other products that the company may offer.

OVER a decentralized metaverse platform is fostering this trend with the launch of its NFTs stylist program.

OVER Stylist Program

The NFTs stylist program provides a defined space for 3D clothing creators and fashion houses to sell their products within its ecosystem. NFTs creators can leverage OVER stylist program to display their collections and easily monetize their products.

Furthermore they can utilize the digital identity features of the OVER community and receive feedback from users. OVER has already announced that they intend to dedicate a page to the program. Also creators will be required to fill a form with their personal data and some of their creations.

This program is expected to provide a new way for creators to showcase their assets and monetize their collections. It further provides a way to bridge the crypto and fashion industry.

OVER uses NFTs to provide value to users and serve as a bridge between the physical and digital worlds. Its goal of establishing a new standard for augmented reality in the crypto ecosystem sets it apart from the competition. To do so, it has adopted an open-source model in which community members contribute to its growth, allowing it to be truly decentralized from its creators.

With the OVER AR protocol and the latest 5G rollout, high-quality AR content will become more easily accessible and, more importantly, more realistic, allowing for better connections between fashion businesses and customers.

TINUS Affiliate Program

The TINUS Affiliate Program helps 3D artists and fashion brands connect with each other. It also allows content creators to enter the Web 3.0 space by creating digital clothing and accessories to sell on OVER’s global open-source AR platform, which is powered by the Ethereum Blockchain.

Put simply, the program enables members to successfully help facilitate the definition of ‘Digital Identity’ with regards to the OVER Metaverse citizens. OVER’s decentralized AR platform therefore empowers fashion brands, content creators and 3D artists to bolster their Web 3.0 brand presence, earn OVR tokens, receive crucial feedback from their peers, and finally be part of the burgeoning Web 3.0 space where users would only be limited by their own imagination.

Feel free to learn more about the TINUS Affiliate Program and Sign Up to be part of the Web 3.0 revolution.

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