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Eco-Friendly Magic

NFT Magic: Eco-Friendly NFT Marketplace With Creative Commons & Custom Licenses

NFTs are everywhere. They’re amazing to look at, awesome to own, but gas fees….WOW they’re ridiculous. You’re pretty much purchasing multiple NFTs at that point. NFT Magic plans to lower fees and help the environment at the same time.

NFT Magic can take care of a wide range of license types, whether it be artwork for personal enjoyment, or commercial use of the artwork and changes are allowed with the ability of transferring copyrights to another owner.

NFT Magic Features

Licenses associated with NFTs minted through NFT Magic can be upgraded within certain limits. This is only possible by the issuer of the NFT, even after it has been sold.

Acquiring these license-types associated with NFTs will clarify what one can do exactly with the NFT, beyond just trading and selling.

However, a license cannot be downgraded. It would break the agreement between the creator and the buyer. For Buyers, rights granted can only be improved.

The Marketplace

Minimal Fees

Upload your art piece at a fraction of the cost of other NFT platforms and keep your art just at arms reach to the rest of the world.

Environmentally Conscious

Your NFTs are delegated by Ardor, a scalable and pure Proof Of Stake blockchain. This allows NFT Magic to operate with a nearly zero carbon platform.

The Proof of Stake protocol allows the network to run on very little power consumption. Some of the nodes run on raspberry pi‘s and some are only powered by solar panels.

Just scan and upload, buy or sell.

Keep your Private Key saved securely on your SIGBRO mobile app. No passwords needed and no worries about security concerns. Your PC is safe.

It’s really easy to do:

  • Just download the SIGBRO mobile app
  • Add your Ardor address matching the one set in your SIGBRO app on the top bar of NFT Magic or simply click on the SIGBRO button to scan and login with your SIGBRO app
  • Link your Twitter page so people can follow your NFTs
  • Explore around and discover other users artwork
  • Detailed information on any NFT is just a click away

Any action on NFT Magic is done by simply scanning the QR code popping up with your SIGBRO app.

Blockchain is a wonderful technology to store your ownership over digital assets. NFT Magic is based on Ardor which brings clean and affordable blockchain magic to you.

According to NFT Magic,

“Our mission is to provide a platform that makes your art piece available at any time and in any place. This is why we have chosen to use IPFS as storage technology so that your art piece can be stored in multiple redundant copies all around the world. The Ardor asset will point to the IPFS file (CID) in an irreversible way. Our vision is to make NFT Magic and Ardor the platform of choice for digital art.”

The idea of the NFT can still be considered the “wild west” of the crypto marketplace. With their ever growing gas fees and high consumption of energy it can sometimes be a struggle to justify the purchase of the artwork with the damage done in its creation.

It’s refreshing to be able to breathe a sigh of relief with NFT Magic and the partnership with Ardor for being able to deliver an almost zero carbon platform, with very low gas fees.

To learn more about NFT MAGIC – just click here!

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