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Metametaverse Partners With Anitya To Accelerate Cross-Metaverse Interoperability

Metametaverse, the platform for metaverse creators, announced its Metaverse Founders Club in collaboration with Anitya, a metaverse platform that enables users to build their own virtual worlds.

It stands out as the first gathering space for the metaverse community. Metaverse Founders Club seeks to accelerate connectivity and interoperability across different metaverse projects.

Joel Dietz, Metemetaverse CEO highlighted in a statement:

“Sadly, in many crypto metaverses, the tendency is more of a banker that wants to capture all of the money, rather than games that were thought through from the standpoint of optimizing user experience.”

Metametaverse is Moving Forward

The concept of the metaverse is relatively new with a lot of companies rushing to explore its possibilities. The approach, however, is still limited and centralized as major players plan to seize rather than share. This collective looks to change this approach.

Metaverse Founders Club’s mission is to assemble the innovators and creators of other virtual communities in order to facilitate collaborative exploration of the prospects offered by the Metaverse.

Speaking of the new product, Anitya’s CEO Pedro Jardim said that metaverse gives the freedom to not be bound by the way society truly functions in the modern day. With Web3, we can make the futures in our imagination reality.

To wit:

“Who wants to wake up in a metaverse future dominated by a few corporations? We envision this club to be a space for an optimist and collaborative future where we hopefully together are able to build critical infrastructure to make sure the metaverse stays open, accessible, and playful”

Ongoing Development Program

Every 3 months, the Metaverse Founders Club will meet to run a multi-meta game.

The initial game will be a treasure hunt that takes place throughout a number of different virtual worlds. In order to access hidden regions on other virtual worlds, players will need to solve riddles set in a metaverse.

In June of 2022, there will be a scavenger hunt with multiple components. The team behind the club also is setting up a Discord channel that enables communication amongst the projects.

The channel is accessible to metaverse founders and two staff members per team. Nomic mechanism is applied to the club for constitution maintenance and update.

This system allows each metaverse founder to make a monthly proposal for the constitution update, these proposals will be later voted by all founders.

A majority of present members determine the quorum

To be eligible for membership in the Metaverse Founders Club, a person must either be a moderator or a key owner of the metaverse or other technologies that are related to it.

The Metaverse Founders Club also revealed initial members, including:

  • CEO of Metametaverse and metametalang author Joel Dietz
  • Anitya Co-founder Pedro Jardim
  • Space Metaverse Founder Batis Samadian
  • Terra Virtua CEO & Co-Founder Jawad Ashraf
  • Godot Co-Founder Ariel Manzur
  • NFT Oasis CEO & Co-Founder Will O’Brien
  • Spatial Web Foundation Founder Dan Mapes
  • MetaverseTalks Chairman and Co-Founder David Bundi

MetaMetaverse is a place where people can join and create their own metaverses. It comes with a unique language called metametalang for metaverse creation and communication.

The project stands out for the ability to make one’s own games and fractal zoom, which lets users separate and sell their metaverses. MetaShips that can be upgraded can also travel across different metaverses.

New Ideas in The Metaverse

Anitya describes itself as “a first-of-its-kind Metaverse 2.0 platform” that lets content creators make their own unique metaverse worlds, games, and non-fungible tokens. Anitya puts a lot of effort into making sure that the product it makes is useful.

The NFT 2.0 technology is used by the platform to build metaverses so that assets and avatars can be programmable, can work together, and have living standards.

It also uses the most up-to-date technology available to provide a lot of interoperability, which makes it easy for users to move assets between different worlds.

Since its debut, one of its main goals is to make it possible for even the most inexperienced user to get into the metaverse and make their own personal spaces and worlds.

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