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Interview: Bitcoin Exposure For The Masses With Greg King

The CEO and Founder of Osprey Funds, Greg King, is bullish on bitcoin ETFs.

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On this bonus episode of the “Bitcoin Magazine Podcast,” Christian Keroles sits down with Greg King, CEO and founder of Osprey Funds. Osprey is focused on bringing cutting edge technology exposure to everyday investors through their crypto trust products. Their first product OBTC is designed to compete with Greyscales GBTC as Osprey and many others race for SEC approval for a real bitcoin ETF.

King believes that a bitcoin ETF will be approved eventually by the SEC, but he does see several headwinds that could continue to prolong a final approval. Many BTC ETF bulls have speculated that new SEC commissioner Gary Gensler, who has said positive and productive things about Bitcoin and crypto, would be a big boost for a Bitcoin ETF, but King does not think it will be enough for a quick and rapid approval this year.

Despite the short term bearishness on an ETF, Greg and Osprey are very hopeful for a long term victory and greater retail access to Bitcoin exposure and sound money. 

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