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Globe Exchange Review: Fast Futures Trading Done Right

Globe Exchange is an exchange platform that is working to create new opportunities for crypto trading, while making the trading experience easier for any trader.

In short, Globe Exchange provides crypto traders a complete set of perpetual futures contracts and a stronger and faster platform to conduct transactions without latency.

In addition, there are tons of tempting benefits that await traders to discover and utilize so as to optimize their portfolio and management strategies.

The platform is creating a bridge that connects individual investors together with institutional market makers, which is good for the entire ecosystem.

About Globe Exchange

Most people know about trading tokens – but fewer are leveraging the futures market for trading opportunities. Globe Derivative Exchange is making it easier to access futures for any crypto trader.

Let’s take a deeper look at all the features the platform offers.

GDT token

GDT is the native token of the platform, which is used to access all essential products and services on Globe Exchange.

Fundamentally, users can buy GDT and trade with other assets available on Globe Exchange spot market, such as USDT. GDT can also be used for staking in 30, 90, and 365 day increments in return for daily interest.

Further, traders can choose to hold on to their GDT to receive an attractive discount percentage in trading fees. For instance, a holding of over 1 million GDT will help the owner receive a decrease in the Taker rate from 0.05% to 0.03%.

GDT also acts as the fuel for Globe Exchange’s burning system, in which 30% out of total futures exchange fees plus over 10% of other fees are paid in GDT before burning. In this way, GDT becomes a deflationary asset.

Buying crypto

On Globe Exchange, traders can buy BTC or USDT using a couple of different underlying currencies, including AUD, EUR, KRW, SGD, THB, TRY. The payment is also easily processed via Banxa, Poli, Visa or PayID.

Deposit and Withdrawal

Once you have signed up an account on Globe Exchange, you can start sending your coins into the account.

To make it even easier, the platform allows either to use QR scanning or a provided link to paste in your wallet and start the deposit. It only takes up to 10 minutes then the fund will be received in Globe account.

On the other hand, users can also withdraw from Globe by filling in some details about their BTC wallet that they want to transfer to. A great feature is that both deposit and withdrawal are totally free on Globe Exchange.

Robust Products for Serious Traders

As mentioned before, Globe Exchange builds and offers a variety of both familiar and novel approaches for crypto traders. That includes spot trading, derivatives, Globe Gems and Wealth.

Spot trading

On Globe Exchange, there are two pairs of available options for spot trading, which are BTC/USDT and GDT/USDT.

On the dashboard, traders can see clear displays of the market price and volume over the last 24 hours, the current long and short rate and so on.


In terms of derivatives offering, Globe Exchange mainly focuses and strengthens in providing diversified novel perpetual futures contracts.

The range of listed assets includes BTC, ETH, LUNA, SOL, AVAX, DOGE, UNI, FTM, MATIC, DOT and VIX. BTC-VIX is a typical pair that stands as a BTC volatility index, which follows CBOE White Paper measures to reflect the fluctuation of BTC price.

Similar to spot trading, Globe Exchange gives enormous support to perpetual futures contract traders by updating real-time market indices on their website.

With all that up-to-date information, investors can watch and make their own speculation of the market trends to best optimize their buy or sell decisions without even needing to actually make a deal.

Perpetual contracts also allow you to hold your position indefinitely as there is no specific due date. Otherwise, there is another option called funding, in which a payout is given every 8 hours for either side (long or short) of a position.

Globe Wealth and Gems

Globe Wealth offers refer to GDT staking and Globe Gems, which gives traders hot deals and exceptional discounts (which can be 50% or higher) and automatic bulk buying of popular crypto in less than one week.

At the moment, the automatic staking function is still undergoing development before being officially introduced to traders.

Comprehensive Trading Tools

With Globe Exchange, traders are equipped with all necessary tools for making the best out of their orders. In particular, users can utilize leverage with up to 100x for perpetual contracts, in order to maximize profitability.

Other than that, there are different types of orders, specifically market order, limit order and stop order, available for both spot and derivative trading.

Depending on each order’s inherent nature, traders can choose to open a position and execute their transactions when and where the price is in their favor.

In addition, the platform’s Unified Margin mechanism gives the flexibility for traders to use multiple coins as their collateral for futures contracts.

This helps facilitate the trading and eliminates barriers no matter what crypto you have in your wallet, with even a sum of bonus to incentivize a number of certain coin collateralization.

Super Low Fees

Normally, the standard rate for both spot and perpetual exchanges is 0% upon Maker and 0.05% upon Taker.

However, as stated before, anyone who holds a large amount of GDT will be entitled to receiving a great Taker fee discount up to 40% from the platform.

Other than that, Globe Exchange does not charge any other additional fees, regardless that users are holding onto funding, making deposits or withdrawals. But the fees may incur from other networks used for the transfer.

Affiliate program

Globe Exchange encourages traders to refer others to the platform with friends and other crypto fans, so that both can be benefited from the affiliate programs.

Accordingly, per each successful referral, traders can earn 30% from the fees.

The commission proportion will be even added up when the new users activate their account and start pouring their coins into trading, maximum at 20% more commission as the new accounts have traded 25 XBT or higher.

The platform even provides some tips which suggest all the know-how a member may increase their conversion rate and earn more from Affiliate programs.

High-speed Transactions

Globe Exchange puts speed and efficiency first, which makes the platform faster than many other exchanges.

While other exchanges usually cope with the overload in traffic that leads to stagnant processes or even system crashes, Globe is well aware and builds their own technology that boost the speed up to 5 times as the NASDAQ.

Globe exchange holds the power to handle 15 million messages in just a second and more than 100 thousand API connections at the same time.

All transactions can be run very well in most rush hours, ensuring traders to put their positions exactly whenever they wish to.

Globe Exchange also makes integration become an easy task for traders thanks to the utilization of WebSocket API.

With that, traders can simply connect Globe with other external applications and crypto trading becomes effortlessly seamless.

Globe Derivative Exchange: Trading Better

Globe Exchange is creating the right trading tools for anyone that wants to enter the world of crypto derivative trading. If you think it seems like the right platform for you, just click here to get started!

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