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Fanzee Labs: Web 3 Fan Engagement Platform

Pioneering platforms like Sorare and Socios have done an excellent job of setting the groundwork for digital fan engagement. Now, Fanzee Labs is here to take Web3 fan engagement to the next level.

Fans are a big deal, and with the internet age, making connections has never been easier.

The goal of developing better fan engagement platforms motivated two entrepreneurs, Anthony and Serge, to create a new market that completely transforms fan power. That was the genesis of Fanzee Labs.

As more individuals become interested in digital interaction, there is a growing demand for new ideas and products, as well as a space that is connected with services.

The problem is that current fan engagement platforms are lacking. Let’s see how Fanzee Labs is changing the game.

Ultimate Fan Power With Fanzee

Let’s face it: creating a market for the immersive digital fan experience is a difficult undertaking. While people love to follow sports and celebs, there is no common market for fan engagement.

How much do we know about fans?

While they could share a common interest in a team or the sport, they’re likely from different walks of life. Fanzee Labs’ goal includes not only fan engagement, but also unique direct-to-fan experiences enabled by a variety of offers.

With Internet development and blockchain technology, fans can upgrade more ways to approach their teams and clubs compared to their previous generation. Now people can connect with team, players, and celebs online.

The promise of Web 3.0 is offering a gateway for enhanced fan engagement and a custom digital experience in the sports and entertainment industries. People have more ownership opportunities, and clubs can make new ways to connect exclusively.

From hosting digital fan clubs to publishing NFTs and tokenized products, the options are as varied as creativity allows.

What is Fanzee Labs Building?

At first glance, the Fanzee Labs platform gives an impression of a fanbase-focused platform with a user-friendly interface.

Fanzee aims to provide blockchain-powered gamification experiences for sports & entertainment. The team has extended partnerships with sports clubs, leagues, organizations, esports teams, and sports influencers to supercharge their fan engagement practices.

Fanzee’s mission is to connect clubs and fans, assuring additional revenue sources that are secure, transparent, and fully integrated with the ideal fan experience.

There are numerous built-in activities planned for both fans and club clients to enjoy, engage in, and improve their performance.

Fanzee Labs, in addition to building a top-tier fan engagement and rewards marketplace, is creating a direct route between sports and entertainment organizations and fans by eliminating third-party platforms that established obstacles between the two.

By building a responsive app that fans can access via many platforms, Fanzee is working to eliminate middleman problems, so sports clubs and organizations gain direct access to detailed fan metrics.

With these insights, organizations will better optimize their products and fan services to match the expectations of their fans.

Making the Best Connections

Fanzee Labs’ team assists customers in developing their own branded ecosystem to communicate with fans directly through digital assets. It is creating a variety of digital products to generate long-term engagement, such as quizzes, games, puzzles, and more.

Processing transactions with Fanzee is simplified and rapid through credit/debit card purchases and automatic wallet generation.

The team also walks customers through the asset digitization process in close collaboration with club staff, generating, distributing, and getting feedback on all materials to provide actual value for fans and the club brand.

Fanzee Labs has been selected as TON Blockchain’s first mass-market retail project. This demonstrates their commitment to improving fan participation in sports and entertainment.

Build Your Future With Fanzee

Fanzee is building lots of offerings that boost interaction between fans and their favorite teams or clubs.

These upcoming features include tokenized collectibles, quizzes, games, fanz leaderboard, marketplace, club tokens, and NFT tickets.

The team at Fanzee also plans to unlock more exciting features in the future and deliver more interactive experiences.

Now let’s explore what makes these offerings so interesting:


Each club comes with different digital collectibles and owning these collectibles is one of the ways to support your team.

In addition to commitment, these collectibles also present keys to unlock collection challenges based on a variety of different themes, such as Legendary Teams, Heroes of the Decade, Team of the Season, and so on.


Fun and simple, Fanzee’s quizzes are “play-to-earn” games that encourage fans to enjoy and win rewards. Fans keep coming back to the platform since it features a game mechanic that is not only easy to understand but also entertaining and instructive.


A market for sports fans can’t miss the fun games. And that’s what Fanzee is focused on.

There are a variety of games coming, including mini-games, card and clicker mechanics, PvP challenges, fantasy management games, and championships, among other things, to increase the amount of fan involvement it receives.

Fanz Leaderboard

Finally, true recognition for fans’ supporting efforts. Fanz Leaderboard is where fans can shine and get recognized for their efforts. You can even brag about your accomplishments.

What’s even more fun?

You get opportunities to unlock special challenges on higher levels when the level of involvement on your fans’ accounts increases.


The platform grants clubs access to a major marketplace, where the clubs can publish their unique digital content. Fans also have access to the secondary marketplace, which makes it easier for them to swap digital assets with one another.

Club Tokens

Because the team has formed partnerships with key exchanges, the club tokens will be promptly integrated into those platforms. This will result in increased liquidity for the club.

Token holders may, at the club’s option, be given the ability to exert influence over club decisions and participate in exclusive challenges, collectibles, and other types of prizes.

NFT Tickets

Fanzee can supply clubs with NFT tickets that have smart contracts enabled, and these tickets are enabled to connect with the infrastructure that is already in place.

These tickets have the potential to be used to provide fans with exclusive perks such as exclusive match day privileges, premium seating, and the ability to unlock further gamification possibilities as a way of thanking them for their continued support and dedication.

In addition to the above feature, Fanzee will introduce new experiences as part of its coming plans.

The team’s goal is to offer a set of tools that will encourage users to create and design their own experiences. Fanzee hopes to ease the problems associated with the building journey with this tool, redefining users’ authority while increasing user engagement.

Bigger Fan Opportunities Are Coming!

Fandom is growing more active and digital.

Fans are inspired to break through, reveal their talents, and confidently go further on their travels as a result of direct interaction and the ability to become closer to their favorite teams.

With the digitalization era coming into full swing, it is the perfect age for global fan culture to launch a growth phase. It is happening now, and the future looks great for fans.

The emergence of blockchain technology assists firms in the sports and entertainment sectors in developing ideas to get closer to their fanbase while providing fans with several opportunities to interact with their teams.

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