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Everyone Is Paying Close Attention To BOSO TOKYO In 2022, Here’s Why

BOSO TOKYO is a name that has been gaining plenty of attention as of late, and for good reason. This is a new kind of project which revolves around showcasing Japanese culture to the rest of the world in addition to also utilizing the full potential of the metaverse concept.

However, with the sheer abundance of metaverse-oriented initiatives today, it can often prove difficult to know which ones are worth backing. This is why it is worth taking a closer look at what BOSO TOKYO entails.

Understanding BOSO TOKYO

Starting off with the most basic aspect about the project, namely what it actually is, BOSO TOKYO is essentially an NFT brand which strives to create avatars that can serve as a unified identity across numerous metaverses. BOSO TOKYO, as a generative NFT, employs algorithms to produce different randomized combinations for each avatar’s various components which include body, arms, legs, face, clothing, height, weight, accessories, and so on.

In a nutshell, BOSO TOKYO may hence best be defined as a unique avatar brand from Tokyo, Japan. Unlike numerous other Japan-inspired anime and video game-inspired non fungible tokens on the OpenSea platform, BOSO aspires to create an entirely unique collection instead and grant users with branded avatars instead of generic ones.

What about the team behind the project?

Crypto enthusiasts and fans of Japanese culture would be delighted to know that BOSO TOKYO has an all-star team behind it. First of all, there is the main designer and illustrator, Hidetaka Tenjin. Tenjin is an iconic Japanese creator and artist who is now responsible for designing avatars for BOSO TOKYO. He has previously worked on Star Wars and Gundam projects as well.

Moreover, Tenjin is an expert on robot mecha production and has worked on multiple projects as a mecha designer, illustrator, and art director. He has extensive experience in the production of plastic models, box art, and game animation. Tenjin is also known to draw a narrative on screen using CG expression by conscientiously conveying brush feeling and touch. Through BOSO TOKYO, Tenjin hopes that the rest of the world will be able to experience a true taste of Japanese culture and recognize its uniqueness.

Apart from Tenjin, BOSO TOKYO also has Afromance serving as the creative director and Hisashi Oki who is in charge of ideology and manifesto design. Afromance will oversee BOSO’s creative design and worldview. He is a ‘Burning Japan’ Co-Founder and one of his most notable accomplishments was hosting the first foam Party “Awa Fest” in collaboration with companies like TOYOTA LEXUS back in 2012.Last but not least, Oki is the Japan Representative for Ledger, which is among the biggest cryptocurrency wallet companies in the world. He was previously the head of brand marketing and PR at one of the world’s biggest U.S. crypto exchanges. Needless to say, BOSO is certainly not lacking as far as its team is concerned.

What else does BOSO TOKYO offer?

Naturally, a team can only push a project so far. Ultimately, there needs to be certain features and services which would make investing in something like BOSO TOKYO worthwhile. With that being said, BOSO’s users can take part in staking their NFT via the ‘Revving’ mechanism, and they will also be given limitless commercial use rights and exclusive access to special events and bonuses too. Lastly, through BOSO TOKYO, being able to transfer branded avatars through different metaverses is not only possible, but can be done both easily and seamlessly.

Additionally, there is a BOSO TOKYO NFT giveaway currently happening, and anyone interested in participating can do so after reading the details. After completing a simple task, a BOSO TOKYO NFT can be obtained. Ultimately, it’s no surprise that BOSO TOKYO is already attracting a lot of Key person in Crypto and Web3 industry and retail interest given the amazing team behind it and what the initiative plans to do with the metaverse concept going forward which will focus on providing real value to customers while simultaneously highlighting all the fantastic things about Japan.

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