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Credit Card Users Can Buy the Dip on ProBit Global Using Latest Fiat Support

ProBit Global has launched new buy crypto with a credit card feature that presents a primetime opportunity for shrewd traders to take advantage of a prolonged drawdown in the market and ‘buy the dip.’

A new stablecoin initiatve has led to the addition of one of the leading DeFi stablecoins DAI, giving ProBit Global users a volatility hedge to park capital in times of market turmoil while holding liquid assets available to capitalize on the next market opportunity.

From a high of $2.4 trn in December 2021, the entire crypto market now stands at a $1.31 trn capitalization after having bled off nearly 50% in value and has turned into a buyer’s market.

Conditions now favour buyers to up their holdings as the bulk of digital assets has slowly lost a considerable share of their values over the 6-month span. The protracted decline has seen the bearish state of the market extend the accumulation phase.

The payment gateway on ProBit Global affords users the opportunity to buy the most commonly used crypto quote currencies – BTC, ETH, and USDT – directly with a range of supported fiat currencies for credit card users. The continued stablecoin drive starting with the addition of DAI is expected to see future stablecoins added, marking a potential gateway into DeFi.

The quote assets can then be used to access choice digital assets including altcoin gems. They can also be used to execute a dollar-cost averaging (DCA) investment strategy where investors execute automated and routine purchases of an asset over a set period of time, giving them a hedge to reduce the impact that volatility could incur with a larger one-time purchase.

The 1-click fiat payment rail option provides users who have been deprived of the opportunity to access any token with an efficient way to do so while also accessing the mainstays of ProBit Global such as ProBit Exclusive which are aimed at accelerating the global pace of crypto adoption.

About ProBit Global

ProBit Global is a Top 20 crypto exchange worldwide servicing crypto enthusiasts with unlimited access to trade and buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, and 800+ altcoins in 1000+ markets.

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The user interface of the multilingual website supports 46 different languages

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