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Cherry Successfully

Cherry Successfully Launches Network Mainnet

Cherry, the smart contract-enabled decentralized file storage protocol built for the user-focused Web3 of the future, has reported its successful launch of the network mainnet.

With the launch, Cherry’s suite of development tools and applications are now accessible to the public on the mainnet.

Cherry was built as a highly optimized layer-one solution with the in-built decentralization, speed, security, and cost-efficiency demanded by high-performance apps in the Web3 era.

The Cherry platform makes it easy for developers, programmers, and project innovators to seamlessly build applications and solutions within a stable and highly optimized ecosystem without having to worry about the “under the hood” technicalities that are a critical part of development.

“Productivity, scalability, interoperability, and privacy are four key components of the Cherry development platform. Combined with our peer-to-peer file storage module and the Cherry Virtual Machine, we can help developers store and distribute large amounts of data, maintain data privacy and security, and use resilient smart contracts and smart contract development tools to build and run advanced decentralized applications,” said co-founder of the Cherry project and CEO of Cherry Labs Herman Jacobs.

Buer, the lead blockchain developer at Cherry, echoed these sentiments. “With our decentralized storage protocol, developers can trustlessly access the Cherry Network using smart contracts.

Before the mainnet launch, we made sure to complete Cherry’s production-ready toolkit to completely streamline and simplify the dApp development process. Now that the mainnet is live, users can enjoy censorship-resistant control over their digital assets and decentralized storage that is private, secure, scalable, and interoperable across all of the leading protocols in the blockchain space,” he said.

Cherry offers fast, scalable, secure, and optimized dApp development. Cherry’s suite of tools and products also come with transaction speeds of up to 20,000 TPS. EVM compatibility (so developers can effortlessly build Ethereum-compatible applications and services) is also included.

Furthermore, with zk rollups (to reduce blockchain congestion and fees) and a user-friendly blockchain UI, Cherry helps reimagine dApp development with streamlined simplicity at heart. Upcoming features and products such as stablecoins, DEXs, and the Cherry Bridge will further add to the platform’s benefits.

With a team of highly experienced founders and developers and powerful backing from some of the biggest names in the decentralized applications space, Cherry is positioning itself as the go-to development platform of choice for blockchain projects and applications of every type.

By embracing the concepts of in-built decentralization, transparency, and value creation, and with a focus on the user and solving real-world problems, Cherry is building the infrastructure that will support the next wave of Web3 and blockchain-based development for years to come.

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