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Bitcoin Fundraising For Freedom Truckers Heats Up As Another Fiat Fundraiser Falls Flat

Bitcoin fundraising just gets more attractive as fiat fundraising firms are proving to be unreliable when it comes to raising donations for the Truckers Freedom Convoy in Ottawa, Canada.

Fiat fundraising platforms further added to their unreliableness as GoFundMe’s replacement for this movement, GiveSendGo, reportedly leaked passports and other personal information about the individuals who donated to the truckers fund.

After fundraising company GoFundMe bowed to political pressure, freezing the truckers funds of over $9 million, protesters and donators also turned to raising funds in bitcoin  given its’ censorship resistant qualities. 

A representative of the committee raising bitcoin donations for the truckers, known as Nobody Caribou told Bitcoin Magazine that he will discuss at a press conference in Ottawa today:

  • Why bitcoin was chosen
  • How funds will be used
  • Why freedom money is important
  • Why an endowment fund for truckers may be the best option to hold the donated bitcoin

“My proposal is that yes, we create an endowment. Yet to be approved by everyone on the board but I’m gonna push hard to show them the potential,” he told Bitcoin Magazine.

Total Bitcoin Raised To Date

According to committee member Greg Foss, Bitcoiners have raised over 14.7 bitcoin worth more than $657,000 at the time of writing.

Bitcoin Twitter user LaserHodl recently put forth a fundraising challenge. He will donate 1 BTC if 9 other people join him for a total of 10 bitcoin. Currently 8 people have joined him in the initiative so far.

A member of the fundraising committee BTC Sessions told Bitcoin Magazine:

“I’m excited if he gets that to happen  it will mean that 1/1,000,000th of all bitcoin that will ever exist have been donated to a single cause  for freedom and body autonomy. That’s powerful.”

Truckers Bitcoin Endowment Fund

Nobody Caribou is set to further explain the reasons for electing to place all bitcoin donations in a Truckers Endowment Fund at the press conference today. The truckers are well supplied at the moment but there may be a need for other kinds of assistance particularly for hiring and paying lawyers.

A Fight For Freedom Catches The Worlds Attention

The world is watching to see how this unprecedented political protest will play out. There’s lots of head shaking at the bad plays being made by federal and local government in Canada.

The Wall Street Journal, recently reported a good understanding of why this situation looks so bizarre stating: “The lesson for the Covid-19 police is that when you’ve lost even Canadians, arguably the most law-abiding people on the planet, you’ve lost the political plot.”

The Bitcoin community is watching with interest as the first major fundraising effort using bitcoin attempts to raise 21 BTC for the initiative. 

As for the truckers in Ottawa, they’re not leaving until the Charter of Rights and Freedoms is enforced and all mandates and passports are gone.

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