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Birdez Conquering

Birdez Gang NFT: Conquering the Metaverse With Fearless Bird NFTs

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) were the hottest topic in 2021, but the hype around the concept continues to grow stronger, with the global NFT market worth over $40 billion.

NFTs are cryptographic tokens used to uniquely represent digital and real-world assets such as images, houses, cars, songs, or anything you can think of.

Since the NFT craze of 2021, which sent the prices of some shooting off the room, avid NFT collectors have been on the lookout for the next big crypto art while developers continue to build new projects with more utilities.

As of March 2022, there were more than 3,500 NFT projects in the market, with more being launched almost every day. However, PFP remains one of the most popular types of NFTs around.

PFP stands for profile picture and is one of the most popular types of NFTs around. PFPs are designed in such a way that allows holders to show off their non-fungible tokens using their profile pictures.

One of the latest PFP NFT projects taking the market by storm is the Birdez Gang NFT collection.

What is Birdez Gang?

Birdez Gang is a new NFT project featuring a PFP collection of a total of 6,333 pixelated bird images. 1333 are Genesis, and 5000 (to breed) are the Babies. The birds are characterized by various special weapons, hairs, styles, and powerful wings.

The NFT project plans to conquer the metaverse and accelerate the global transition to non-fungible tokens and virtual worlds. Birdez Gang promises to offer mainstream users innovation, inspiration, fun, and education about the concepts and potential of NFTs.

The Birdez Gang gives NFT holders access to several utilities based on their degree of rarity, which they can use for display purposes, such as their profile pictures on social media platforms.

But Birdez Gang is much more than just a PFP NFT collection.

The Birdez Gang NFT Collection

The total supply of 6,333 Birdez Gang NFTs is categorized into two — Genesis Birdez and Baby Birdez.

  • Genesis Birdez

Genesis Birdez contains 1,333 NFTs with the most powerful utilities obtainable in the entire Birdez Gang NFT collection. Holding Genesis Birdez NFTs gives users access to special privileges and features.

Genesis Birdez NFT holders will be able to access a private and world-class Alpha Mastermind group. In the Alpha Mastermind group, members can learn about promising early-stage projects to invest in and how to make better investment choices. Members will also get to meet and interact with project founders and developers to tap from their wealth of knowledge.

Holders also gain access to special events like meetups and conferences where they can acquire valuable insight about the industry from top industry experts. They will also be able to mint for free a Land during the upcoming mint of the new collection Birdez Kingdom – a decentralized island to build, learn and play, where everyone will be welcome.

Genesis Birdez NFTs were initially minted at a base price of 0.07 ETH, but the floor price quickly rose to almost 1.3 ETH due to high demand. Currently, though, the floor price for these NFTs is 1.1 ETH on OpenSea.

Every time a Genesis Birdez NFT completes a conquest, it accumulates a special source of energy in the form of SEED, the project’s native cryptocurrency. This energy allows it to facilitate the ecosystem’s growth by giving birth to a new Birdez NFT that will help it in its subsequent conquests. Each Genesis Birdez accumulates up to 10 SEEDs daily.

  • Baby Birdez

There are a total of 5,000 Baby Birdez in the NFT collection. About 1,444 babies are reserved for whitelisted users who can purchase them for the current mint price, while the remaining 3,556 babies will be generated by breeding Genesis Birdez.

To engage in the breeding process, users must hold two separate Genesis Birdez NFTs and 600 SEED tokens.

Baby Birdez is generated using the power of SEEDs to generically fuse the DNA of both parents. Interestingly, though, the Baby Birdez NFTs do not inherit any traits from them, rather, they mutate traits of their own.

Baby Birdez NFT holders gain membership to the Nest Egg decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The goal of the Nest Egg DAO is to acquire NFTs voted on by its members and add them to the nest. Members also get fractionalized ownership and utility benefits from the NFTs purchased by the DAO.

The SEED Token

SEED is the utility token of the Birdez Gang NFT ecosystem. It is an ERC-20 token that powers every activity on the platform. NFT holders receive SEED when they stake their Birdez Gang NFTs. Any Genesis Birdez NFT staked can produce 10 SEED daily, which users can use to make purchases and carry out a few other ecosystem activities.

In addition to staking their NFTs, users can earn SEED quickly by participating in challenges, competitions, and games in the Birdez metaverse.

The SEED token can also be used to breed Baby Birdez and customize the bio and name of a Birdez Gang NFT directly on the blockchain to personalize it. Users can also utilize the token when purchasing items like rarities and land parcels in the metaverse.

Users should be ready for the upcoming launch of the Birdez Kingdom NFTs. The team will launch 6333 plots of land where 5,000 will be for sale, and 1333 will be free for the Genesis Hodlers. The launch is expected to take place at the end of April 2022.


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