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Authtrail Integrity

Authtrail: Data Integrity Platform Powered by Blockchain

Authtrail is a cloud-based service (SaaS) platform that provides contract-based integrity to business data. The platform maintains the integrity of the data contained within to help call upon and verify critical information throughout different activities.

Data manipulation and mismanagement are being pain points for companies around the world. One of the important things that help make effective decisions in business is data that is accurate and consistent.

To make data provide the most value for a company, it should have integrity and be of high quality.

To do so, it is necessary for digitized companies, production lines, departments, and all stakeholders involved to establish and maintain the relevance and trustworthiness of their data.

What Is Authtrail?

Blockchain technology is a key for opening the potential of data. It can greatly benefit consumers from its application to decision-making.

Blockchain technology ensures that data appended to the blockchain is verified and cannot be changed in the future. In addition, providing a tamper-proof chain of unbreakable information can add more trust to the validity of the underlying data.

As a market-ready, fast, and simple data integrity platform powered by blockchain, Authrail allows businesses to ensure data integrity with less hassle for everyone involved.

To do this, the platform stores data and periodically anchors its fingerprints to the blockchain. This way is considered to ensure data integrity while increasing performance and decreasing transaction costs.

Authtrail’s digital product passport tracks the production lifecycle to support companies and consumers with an overview as well as more details about the end-to-end activities.

What Makes Authtrail Different?

Although blockchain technology has made a revolution by introducing an approach to data protection, sealing, and verification by combining cryptography and traceability of data transactions across a distributed network of ledgers, organizations still don’t know how to adapt it to their advantage.

Many companies and organizations have to face several issues to achieve enterprise-grade data integrity such as the lack of integrity, trust, and reliable means for verifying, and the lack of knowledge and resources for adopting blockchain technology.

In addition, blockchain transactions can be often costly and unscalable in terms of quality and speed.

Although Ethereum is the largest and leading network where most decentralized applications are built on the blockchain with smart contracts, its high gas prices are making it less appealing to projects that value cost-effectiveness and speed, as well as its scalability of transactions.

The original version of Authtrail was built on Ethereum, but later entered the Moonbeam network, making Authtrail now leverage Moonbeam’s higher efficiency and lower transaction costs.

Also with Moonbeam, Authtrail continuously takes advantage of on-chain governance, staking, and cross-chain integrations.

In addition, Moonbeam also benefits from serving as a parachain on Polkadot including shared security and interoperability. Therefore, the network-based Applications are not only fast, user-friendly, but also come with low transaction fees.

Instead of relying on the PoW (proof of work) mechanism, the PoS (proof of stake) together with the Substrate development framework helps to improve the scalability of the native Ethereum execution environment.

The Best Tools to Win

Authtrail is a tool that ensures and inspects data integrity in a user-friendly and intuitive way and at the best price-performance ratio possible.

The platform offers a faster, safer, and more reliable way to verify critical information and establish trust along with traceability of transactions that track every stage of operations.

It overcomes the limitations of transaction performance and costs by simplifying how a virtually unlimited amount of data is linked to the blockchain.

It can be seen that trusted data at a lower cost could help businesses to build a competitive edge and make new growth opportunities.

How Does Authtrail Work?

Authtrail works as a bridge that connects organizations’ or companies’ data to blockchain technology.

Once the data is completely gathered from databases and apps through the Authtrail API, it is going to be verified, hashed, and anchored on the Moonbeam blockchain.

As a result, the process creates a seamless link between business and the benefits of blockchain technology aiming to ensure data integrity.

The platform packs the complexity of the blockchain-based data management mechanisms in a robust data integrity service through an intuitive and clean user interface.

It integrates its functionalities into users’ legacy systems ranging from the source of data generation to the moment it’s being shared with customers, auditors, and partners.

As mentioned before, its high scalability in transactions comes from building on the Moonbeam blockchain network.

Why Should Authtrail Be The Choice?

Instead of dealing with complex code, Authtrail is easily integrated and offers an intuitive user interface that speeds up adoption.

Also, unlike products that lack scalability due to high transaction costs, Authtrail can hash and store large amounts of data more affordably.

Authtrail provides a complete overview of enterprise or product data history by anchoring data fingerprints on the blockchain.

Authtrail only deals with data hashing and anchoring without storing data on private servers, therefore, this ensures no GDPR issues or data leakage risks.

Benefits of Business Data Integrity

Data-driven decision-making has become important today.

While business intelligence tools have immense capabilities to filter, sort, analyze, and interpret the reams of data generated daily but only as effective as the underlying data structuring, businesses with mountains of unstructured data, deriving insights from information requires a lot of effort and time.

Also, more and more end-consumers have questions about sourcing raw materials and product origin.

For businesses with multiple production processes, sourcing requirements, and data-driven departments, it more benefits from harnessing all this data in a transparent and accessible format.

In addition, Better data integrity also can create newfound opportunities for companies to evaluate processes to find areas for improvement, optimization, and risk mitigation.

It supports companies not only to proactively ensure that all products are more rigorously tested for ensuring their quality conforms, but they can also avoid unwanted recalls that could harm their reputation and trust with customers.

Authtrail’s technology can retrace a product’s footsteps from the initial sourcing of raw materials. Since all new information is immediately uploaded to the blockchain, every single product component can be tracked, all from a single location.

Moreover, this information not only helps to gain stemming from a highly connected ecosystem but also is readily shareable in an organized format.

On the other hand, this newfound transparency and data validation also bring great benefits to customers.

As the demands for information regarding the sourcing of products, the origin of raw materials, and the integrity of finished products have been increasing, readily available data from the manufacturer are more important for strengthening the relationship with their consumers.

The response time for a manufacturer or distributor to call up this information on-demand when requested by a customer can be shortened dramatically thanks to Authtrail’s technology which can scan QR codes and track an entire product lifecycle.

As a result, it may make end customers keep peace in mind for the information contained therein as well as being a measurable way to validate that they have received the authentic product and not a cheap knock-off.

Moreover, these QR codes are all unique and immutable since being anchored on a blockchain, which is impossible for someone to make unauthorized changes to the data. That means end customers can trust the information they received.

Authtrail Makes it Work

From the world’s largest industries to small businesses, data integrity will be essential in building new economies.

Authtrail is a platform for data integrity and verification that adds value to the business through advanced technologies of blockchain. As such, it allows users to check the veracity of enterprise data and its history without other trusted external authority.

Leveraging innate attributes of blockchain technology allows the platform to help a business strengthen relationships with customers or business partners, as well as build a solid foundation for future collaborations.

A function of transparency and validity promotes data integrity making the platform a formidable technology compared with other product lifecycle stakeholders.

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